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I am a scholar of religion with roots in social theory, philosophy, and theology. I hold a Ph.D. in Religion and Society from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley (1985) and am the author of The Death of Secular Messianism: Religion and Politics in an Age of Civilizational Crisis (Cascade 2010), Spirituality and Dialectics (with Maggie Mansueto, Lexington 2005), as well as five other books. My articles have appeared in have appeared in leading scholarly journals such as the Journal of Religion and Filosofskie Nauki, as well as important journals of public opinion such as Commonweal and Tikkun. A leader in in interreligious dialogue and organizing, I have led pioneering efforts to create a new kind of public arena, democratic and pluralistic, but constituted by deliberation regarding fundamental questions of meaning and value and have served as a senior advisor to religious and political leaders both in the United States and internationally. I currently serve as Director of General Education and Associate Professor of Global Studies at the University of the District of Columbia and President and Senior Scholar at Seeking Wisdom.

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