About Seeking Wisdom

A collage of religious and spiritual images.

Seeking Wisdom is an nonprofit, nonpartisan, interfaith research, education, and organizing institute dedicated to creating a social order which promotes the full development of human capacities. More specifically, we seek to promote:

  • hortic technologies which tap into the self-organizing potential of matter rather then breaking down existing forms of organizaiton in order to release energy and do work,
  • an economy in which people are no longer forced to sell their labor power in order to survive, and which prioritizes the allocation of resources in order to promote the full development of human capacities,
  • a liberal, democratic, and communitarian polity in which people deliberate around the ends as well as the means of human life, and in which diverse ways of being are respected and decisions made at the most local level compatible with the Common Good, while the rights of each and all are guaranteed by the law,
  • a pluralistic, sapientially literate culture in which people have the tools they need to decide for themselves what it means to be human, and the resources to pursue excellence according to their chosen way.

We carry out our work through diverse modalities, including:

  • research, scholarship, and creative activity focused on engaging fundamental questions of meaning and value across spiritual and civilizational traditions,
  • teaching and community building activities ranging from traditional workshops, seminars, and courses, both face to face and online, to analog and digital games, role plays, exhibits, performances, dinners, and other experiences,
  • longue duree organizing centered on identifying, cultivating, and mentoring emerging, established, and high value leaders and on help individuals and organizations find their way.

We work through a variety of instrumentalities which are described on our Programs and Services page.